Name:  Gina
Age:  46
Hometown:  Ashland (Westwood) Kentucky

How did it feel to participate in the photo shoot for this project? Flattering but Uncomfortable... By that I mean, I usually work behind the camera looking at other beautiful people but I promised myself to take opportunities and risks that were "out of the box" for me after I experienced my illness.  This was definitely one of those moments.  I have always been uncomfortable in my own skin.  This stems from many life experiences that I have allowed to effect my self esteem and self worth.  Doing this shoot helped me to see past a lot of those fears and be more confident in Who I AM!!!  My spirit felt lifted and I felt free... Kinda like I went to CHURCH!!! I appreciate the opportunity and I am flattered to be photographed in a group of such amazing women!

What does "being a woman" mean to you? 
It means I get to go out and work hard and feel accomplished but come home and put on my make up and dress up to share a date with my amazing husband or some of my fabulous girlfriends!! Most importantly, it means I get to be called Mother by the one person who means more to me than anyone else on this earth... my daughter!

I am ...
In the video I said Beautiful... and I was truly feeling beautiful, but after giving it some thought I would say I AM "A SURVIVOR".  I could tell you several stories as to why It feels amazing to say that!!!

What are you most proud of in your life?   

I am proud of my love and faith in God. I am proud that I have finally overcome many challenges I have faced throughout my life and I am pushing forward to be the person I have always wanted to be and I am following my dreams to be someone my daughter can look up to and be proud of and someone I can be proud of.  I am proud of my compassion and love for most everyone I meet.   I am a true friend and love deeply.  Last but not least, I am proud to be an American and a good Ole' Country Girl!!! 

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