Name: Davie
Age: A lady never tells. I'm 34. 
Hometown: I'm a California girl!

How did it feel to participate in the photo shoot for this project? I believe in this message whole heartedly. I was happy to give my time and lend some production help to the shoot.

What does "being a woman" mean to you? Being a woman has meant so many things to me as I've grown into who I am today. Today, my answer is vulnerability. I've spend a lot of time being proud and strong but I find there is a beauty in vulnerability. When you open your heart to others, giving freely love and kindness, asking nothing in return you find that in some cases it comes back 10 fold. This isn't easy, but I've found that it's worth it! 

I am... Determined.  Reaching my goals can sometimes feel like an impossibility. The path never looks like the one you'd imagined, but if you give up.. You'll never know. 
That's not to say that you should continue down a seemingly dead end. You have to learn to recognize when something isn't working for you, and I'm determined to continue to work on that as well! 

What are you most proud of in your life? 
I have been chronically ill since the age of 10. I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes and over the years it has certainly taken its toll of my body and mind (most recently, kidney failure).
I'm proud that I have persevered and continued to chase my dreams. I'm pretty thrilled that I've managed to cultivate a great support system made up of so many wonder friends and family members. I hope everyone is as luckily.  

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